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  • You Must Read and Accept These Terms & Conditions to order a Property Report:

    This report is for informational purposes only. It may be relied upon only by the address, the addressee being the person or entity which ordered this Report. The liability of the Company issuing this report shall not exceed $150.00 or the actual loss of the addressee, whichever is less. Our liability is further limited as set forth below.

    This report does not represent a detailed examination of each instrument shown and it is not an opinion as to the title to the within described property. It is not intended to be and should not be used as a substitute for a Title Insurance Commitment or Policy. It is not to be used as a "Search" in order to produce a Title Insurance Commitment or Policy by another title insurance company or agent. If this report is used as the basis for the production of a Policy of Title Insurance, the title company or agent ordering the report or relying upon it does so at their own risk. If the full protection of a Title Insurance Commitment or Policy is required, please contact us and we will issue a Title Insurance Commitment based upon a complete examination of the records and chain of title, and we will charge a fee pursuant to rates filed with the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance which correspond to the liability assumed.

    This property report does not constitute an opinion of title, an examination of abstract, a recorded document guarantee, nor a commitment to issue title insurance. It merely purports to show the last record owners of the parcel above described, unsatisfied mortgages against said parcel and docketed judgments, State and Federal tax liens and child support liens filed in the offices the Register of Deeds, Clerk of Court and Treasurer in the County where the premises are located, against the last record owner only. Child support liens are shown only if docketed with the Register of Deeds within the past five years. Judgments and State and Federal tax liens are shown only if they have been of record for less than ten years.

    Note, the last record owner(s) is/are the grantee(s) in the last recorded instrument of conveyance. Title has not been searched or examined prior to said conveyance. As such this report is not a guarantee of the status or chain of title. It is not to be relied upon by you or any other person or entity as a representation of status of title to the property. This search does not include documents pertaining to recorded or unrecorded easements; mineral estates or reserved rights therein; instruments, proceedings or other matters which do not specifically describe the subject premises; water rights; claims or title to water or water rights; life estates or claims by other owners in or to the subject premises.

    This property report is not a search of prior ownership(s) or uses in connection with the innocent land owners defenses under CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act). In no way and under no circumstances shall the Company who issued said report be liable for any environmental hazardous waste or toxic substance costs or penalties imposed on applicant or the subject property by virtue of failure to identify or attach recorded documents; and, as to documents referred to herein, same are intended only to show most recent fee owner and mortgage, judgment or tax liens against the property. The information and documents provided with this search, or referred to herein, are not intended to provide and may not include information necessary for use in a due diligence inquiry to facilitate an innocent land owner or purchaser defense available in connection with CERCLA, as amended, or other Federal or State Environmental legislation.

    Note: If you order a Property Report from us all future reports you order shall be subject to these terms and conditions (as from time to time amended) even if you do not sign a document agreeing to the terms and conditions . I other words, should you order a Property Report verbally by telephone, by facsimile transmission, or any other means, after you have consented to these terms ad conditions, these terms and conditions shall apply to any other such order you place with us even if you have not signed an agreement to these terms and conditions.

    By Selecting the “I Accept Box” and the Submit Order Button you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

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